To minor in African American Studies, a student must successfully complete:

This introductory course, both intensive and extensive, provides an interdisciplinary overview of the important themes and topics central to the study of the experiences of African Americans in the United States. This course also provides the theoretical foundation for the further study of African American experience. Students will learn about the development of the discipline by exploring theoretical questions, methodological approaches, and major themes that have shaped the study of African American life and culture in the United States.

African American Studies

AFAM-140 Blacks and Jews in America
AFAM-201 Representations of Love and Marriage in African American Culture, 1970–Present
AFAM-206 Race and Racism in American Culture
AFAM-210 Black Power and Theology of Liberation
AFAM-215 Black Feminism
AFAM-225 Race, Policy, and Administration

Behavioral and Social Inquiry (BSI)     

AFAM-225 Race, Policy, and Administration
ANTH-232 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH-245 Class and Culture in America
FREN-454 African Self-Perceptions
FREN-490 Language Education and Development in Franco-phone Africa
GOVT-240 Politics of Inequality
GOVT-245 Race, Ethnicity, and Nation
GOVT-446 Politics of North Africa
GOVT-457 Philosophies of Liberation
INAF-395 African Political Economy
JUPS-260 Violence, Gender, and Human Rights
SOCI-124 Sociology of Hip Hop
SOCI-126 Sociology and Culture: Beyonce
SOCI-133 Race & Society & Cinema
SOCI-139 Race, Color, and Culture
SOCI-142 Black Death: Slavery to Michael Brown
SOCI-144 Race & Ethnic Relations
SOCI-146 Martin Luther King and American Society
SOCI-147 New Perspectives on Black Ghetto Poor
SOCI-148 Barack Obama and Race
SOCI-152 African & African-American Demography
SOCI-163 Education and Society
SOCI-193 Sociology of Criminal Justice
SOCI-209 The City, Urban Studies
SOCI-221 DC Neighborhoods, Poverty, and Inequality
SOCI-222 Gentrification, Justice, Cities
THEO-041 Struggle and Transcendence
THEO-122 The Church and the Poor
THEO-210 Black Power and Theology of Liberation
THEO-370 Philosophies of Liberation
PHIL-123 Ethics: Race and Morality

History and Culture (HC)        

AFAM-206 Race and Racism in American Culture
ANTH-180 Urban Legends, Moral Panics
ANTH-240 African Cultural Modernities
ANTH-252 Global Race in Motion
ANTH-283 The African Diaspora
ANTH-305 Class, Culture, and Race
ANTH-392 African Feminism Re-Imagined
FREN-439 Tradition and Modernity in Francophone Africa
HIST-007 Intro to Early History—Atlantic World
HIST-111 History of Africa I
HIST-112 History of Africa II
HIST-180 Studies in US History until 1865
HIST-181 US since 1865
HIST-187 African American Food Culture
HIST-267 Modern North Africa
HIST-280 Sex Love and Race in American Culture
HIST-285 History of African American Women
HIST-286 Slavery in North America
HIST-288 African American History
HIST-289 Women in the Civil Rights Movement
HIST-291 The American South
HIST-293 Black History and Black Culture
HIST-295 Radical Traditions in US
HIST-299 The United States in the 1960s
HIST-315 Environmental History of Africa
HIST-382 Liberty and Anti-Slavery
HIST-387 Black Radicalism
HIST-388 Jazz and Civil Rights in American Society
HIST-394 Race, Philosophy, and History in African American Life
HIST-414 Resistance Movements in Colonial Africa
HIST-494 African American Great Migration
HIST-497 African American Life in Washington D.C
PHIL-175 Philosophy of Race
MUSC-116 Jazz History
MUSC-323 The Blues

Literature, Languages, and the Arts (LLA) 

AFAM-206 Race and Racism in American Culture
AFAM-215 Black Feminism
ANTH-318 African Feminism Re-Imagined
ENGL-175 American Literature, 1900-Present
ENGL-195 The African Novel
ENGL-203 Black Women Writers
ENGL-214 Lists of the American West
ENGL-215 American Expatriate Writers
ENGL-221 African American Literature 1903-Present
ENGL-225 Black Women Writers
ENGL-227 African American Poetry
ENGL-234 Seminar: African Drama
ENGL-260 Poetry of the African Diaspora
ENGL-262 Question of Equality
ENGL-286 Class Fictions in Contemporary US
ENGL-399 20th Century Comparative Literature
ENGL-404 Reading Ralph Ellison
ENGL-405 Reading Toni Morrison
ENGL-613 Reading Race in American Literature
FREN-268 Black Playwrights
FREN-331 French Speaking Africa
FREN-338 North African Literature
FREN-375 African Play Production
FREN-440 Memory and Orality in the Literature of Francophone Africa
INAF-325 Civil Society and Democracy: Africa
INAF-337 Development Practice in Fragile/Conflict States
INAF-357 African Politics and Government
INAF-358 Catholic-Muslim Relations Post Vatican II
INAF-373 African Military: Conflict/Resolution
MUSC-116 Jazz History
MUSC-268 Music and Dance in the US
MUSC-323 The Blues
TPST-212 Performing Black Citizenship
TPST-230 American Drama
WGST-266 Women in American Politics